Company Profile

Weihao Magnesium Powder

Located in Qian'an City, Hebei Province, Tangshan Weihao Magnesium Powder Co., Ltd. was established in January 2000. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a drafting unit of the national non-ferrous metal industry standard for "Atomized Magnesium Powder", and a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Hebei Province.

The Company is a domestic enterprise that industrially produces high-purity atomized spherical magnesium powder and series of alloyed powders, with independent intellectual property rights. 


The Company and its main products and advanced atomization powdering technology have won special honors: "Demonstration Project for National New Material and High-Tech Industrialization ", "National Key New Product", "specialized, refined, special and new small and medium-sized enterprise in Hebei Province", "Hebei Province A-level industrial enterprise R&D institution", "Hebei Province Advanced Unit for Safety Production", "Bronze Award in the Second China Civil and Military Technology Innovation and Application Competition", "Third Prize in China additional Material Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ", "the second prize in National High-end Materials and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", the winner in "China Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Competition".


Its products are widely used in explosives, pyrotechnic composition , powder metallurgy, additional material manufacturing, aerospace structural materials, biomedicine, health food, magnesium-based hydrogen storage alloys, polyolefin catalyst carriers, high-end welding materials, and degradable energy-absorbing buffer materials for through-tubing body-free perforator.


We will keep forging ahead and devote ourselves to building a material industrial manufacturing enterprise in domestic high-end metal powder.