Corporate Culture


Integrity, unity, aggressiveness and innovation

Integrity: Personal dishonesty does harm to a few of people; social dishonesty makes everyone deterred by the danger; a dishonest enterprise has no foothold. Consistently in line with business operation in good faith, Weihao makes high-quality products, and provides high-quality services.

Unity: Only when the water is put in the sea, can the water never dry up. Only when a person integrates himself with the collective cause, can he be more powerful. The staff of Weihao have achieved unity and cooperation, made common progress, forming an indestructible force.

Aggressiveness: The road is made by foot, history is written by people, and every step of action by people is to write their own history. The staff of Weihao are making unremitting strides on the bright road, breaking through one history after another and creating a beautiful tomorrow.

Innovation: Innovation is the first driving force leading development. Only through continuous innovation, can we stand in an invincible position. With the advent of a series of products and the praise from a wide range of users, the staff of Weihao have greater and greater innovation consciousness and spirit. With the courage of making innovation, we continuously develop new products which can meet the needs of the majority of users.