Talent View

Talent View

Employment principle:

Brave challengers: Be enterprising, be able to make innovation, have the courage to blaze new trails, be ready to shoulder their responsibilities.

Persons with the down-to-earth attitude: Behave in a down-to-earth way, be content with their duties, be steadfast in their work, and lay a solid foundation.

Moral characters: Be honest, dedicated, not give thought to personal gains or losses.

Ability: Be confident, competent and good at asserting themselves.

Spirit: Have teamwork spirit, make innovation and be good at learning.

Attitude: Dedicated, practical and responsible.


Principle of respect for talents:

Firmly establish the concept of “people-oriented”, vigorously create the atmosphere to develop a platform and respect for talents, know how to judge people and use them.


Employment policy: 

If you have a certain professional quality, a certain educational level, a certain sense of innovation, identify with the corporate culture of Weihao, and pursue the common development of the enterprise and individuals, Tangshan Weihao Magnesium Powder Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to join us, seek common development and common prospects!